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Fred Cummins
Chris Bleakley
Cormac Phelan



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Adapting and Parameterising Auditory Icons for use in a Synthetic Musical Instrument (2009)

Abstract In this paper we describe the adaptation and parameterization of environmentalauditory event structures for use in a real-time musical synthesizer. In doing so,we have developed a new software musical instrument based on the parametric representationof ecological sound structures, and which facilitates the application of typicallynon-musical auditory events in a musical context. Since this approach is to be realisedwithin a low-latency, performance oriented synthesizer, our aim is not the developmentof computationally expensive physical models, but rather to effectively convey complexauditory events using arrays of simple sinusoidal components, while still retaining thekey perceptual features of those events. By offering a performer ecologically-derivedparameter control, we aim to encourage an Everyday Listening approach to electronicmusic performance, while also allowing the user to combine and develop typically unrelatedelements of environmental auditory events.
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Fred Cummins, Chris Bleakley, Cormac Phelan

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