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observers control theory location three dimensional imaging fusion kalman filter sensor data fusion hybrid bayesian statistical decision theory

Hybrid Bayesian fusion of range-based and sourceless location estimates under varying observability (2012)

Abstract The paper proposes a hybrid Bayesian approachfor multi-sensor data fusion for 3D localization. The approachaddresses the problem of fusing range-based and sourcelesslocalization estimates under conditions of varying observability inthe range-based sub-system. The proposed localization approachuses a mixture of Single-Hypothesis-Tracking (e.g. Kalman filter)and Multi-Hypothesis-Tracking (MHT) (e.g. Particle Filters)Bayesian filtering to improve tracking accuracy under conditionsof varying observability. Under conditions of sufficient (or no)range measurements a single hypothesis approach is used. Underthe condition of insufficient range measurements (i.e, 1 or 2ranges), MHT is used, since it more accurately models thedistribution of real error in the estimated positions by means ofGaussian mixtures rather that a single Gaussian. The results showup to 10% improvement in 3D position estimation as comparedto Single-Constraint-at-a-Time (SCAAT) approach and upto 24%improvement compared to an Extended Kalman Filter approachfor intermittent 3 second partial range occlusions when trackinghuman arm movements.
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