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Tingcong Ye
Michael Walsh
Chris Bleakley
Mohamed M. Saad



uwb localization tof algorithms time measurements time synchronization ultra wideband devices location estimation tdoa

High accuracy Location Estimation of a Mobile Tag using One-way UWB Signalling (2012)

Abstract This paper presents a novel algorithm for determiningthe 3D location of a Mobile Tag (MT) using wireless BaseStations (BSs) and Ultra Wide Band (UWB) one-way signaling.The algorithm is designed for low power, rapid deploymentapplications in which the BSs are independent, wireless UWBtransceivers located at known positions and the tags are receiveonlyor transmit-only UWB mobile units. The algorithm utilizesmulti-BS time synchronization and hybrid Time Difference ofArrival-Time of Flight (TDoA-ToF) localization to achieve highaccuracy tag localization. The algorithm consists of two concurrenttasks. In task I, the BSs exploit periodic inter-BS transmissionsto obtain high accuracy multi-BS time synchronization.In task II, a hybrid TDOA-TOF algorithm is used to determinethe location of the MT. The algorithm is based on timestamping,or control, of packet Time of Emission (ToE) and estimationof the packet Time of Arrival (ToA). As such, the method isappropriate for use with, but not limited to, IEEE 802.15.4aUWB. In simulations assuming a typical 2 cm standard deviationin ToA estimation error the proposed algorithm was found toprovide a RMS error of 2.1 ps and 4.8 ∗ 10−6 ppm for time offsetand crystal clock offset between BSs respectively; and a RMSerror in MT location estimation of 2.2 cm; which is 36% betteraccuracy than the conventional TDoA method.
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Tingcong Ye, Michael Walsh, Chris Bleakley, Mohamed M. Saad

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