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Simon Dobson
Chris Bleakley
Mohamed M. Saad



phase shift signal processing ultrasonic waves cross correlation frequencies of oscillating systems measurement frequency hop spread spectrum fhss range estimation ultrasonic

Robust High Accuracy Ultrasonic Range Measurement System (2011)

Abstract This paper presents a novel method for ultrasonic range estimation. The method uses a wideband frequency-hop spread spectrum ultrasonic signal to increase robustness to noise and reverberation. The method applies cross-correlation with earliest peak search and a novel minimum variance search technique to correct the error in the cross-correlation time-of-flight estimate to within one wavelength of the carrier before applying a phase-shift technique for subwavelength range refinement. The method can be implemented digitally in software and only requires low-cost hardware for signal transmission and acquisition. Experimental results show an accuracy of better than 0.5 mm in a typical office environment.
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Simon Dobson, Chris Bleakley, Mohamed M. Saad

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