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Jonathan Egan
Margaret Daly
Megan WhiteWhite
Kevin Tierney
Edel Flanagan
Mark Fitzpatrick
Barbara A. Dooley
Mark Shevlin
Alan Carr
Roisín Flanagan-Howard



clerical abuse institutional development abuse processes coping with abuse child development child abuse adult survivors of child abuse institutional abuse

Development and initial validation of the Institutional Child Abuse Processes and Coping Inventory among a sample of Irish adult survivors of institutional abuse (2009)

Abstract Objective. To develop a psychometric instrument to evaluate psychological processesassociated with institutional abuse and coping strategies used to deal with such abuse.Methods. As part of a comprehensive assessment protocol, an inventory containingtheoretically derived multi-item rational scales which assessed institutional abuse-related psychological processes and coping strategies were administered to 247 Irish adult survivors of institutional child abuse. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were used to derive 6 factor scales, the reliability and validity of which were assessed.Results. Factor scales to assess the following constructs were developed (1)traumatization, (2) re-enactment, (3) spiritual disengagement, (4) positive coping, (5)coping by complying, and (6) avoidant coping. There were varying degrees of support forthe validity of the scales with most support for the traumatization and re-enactment scales.Conclusions. The Institutional Child Abuse Processes and Coping Inventory (ICAPCI),particularly its traumatization and re-enactment scales, may be used in future research on adult survivors of institutional child abuse because they are currently the only scales that have been developed with this population to provide reliable and valid assessments of these constructs.Practice implications. The ICAPCI may be used, cautiously, to assess adult survivors ofinstitutional child abuse.
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Jonathan Egan, Margaret Daly, Megan WhiteWhite, Kevin Tierney, Edel Flanagan, Mark Fitzpatrick, Barbara A. Dooley, Mark Shevlin, Alan Carr, Roisín Flanagan-Howard

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