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Megan White
Margaret Daly
Kevin Tierney
Roisín Flanagan-Howard
Mark Fitzpatrick
Barbara A. Dooley
Edel Flanagan
Jonathan Egan
Alan Carr
Mark Shevlin



attachment quality of life adult humans institutional abuse child institutionalized female psychology marital status profiles social adjustment irish male mental disorders epidemiology middle aged clerical abuse ireland aged world health organization child survivors adult survivors of child abuse aged 80 and over socioeconomic factors etiology object attachment

Profiles of Irish survivors of institutional abuse with different adult attachment styles (2009)

Abstract Two hundred and forty seven survivors of institutional abuse in Ireland were classified with the Experiences in Close Relationships Inventory as having fearful (44%), preoccupied (13%), dismissive (27%) or secure (17%) adult attachment styles. The group with the secure adult attachment style had the most positive profile, while the most negative profile occurred for the fearful group in terms of DSM IV diagnoses and scores on the Trauma Symptom Inventory, the Global Assessment of Functioning Scale, the World Health Organization Quality of Life 100 scale, and the Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale. The profile of the preoccupied group was more similar to that of the fearful group. The profile of the dismissive group was more similar to that of the secure group
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Megan White, Margaret Daly, Kevin Tierney, Roisín Flanagan-Howard, Mark Fitzpatrick, Barbara A. Dooley, Edel Flanagan, Jonathan Egan, Alan Carr, Mark Shevlin

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