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Eugene J. O'Brien
Sean P. Brady



dynamic analysis dynamic amplification trucks bridges materials dynamic testing amplification finite element model velocity bridges live loads

The effect of vehicle velocity on the dynamic amplification of two vehicles crossing a simply supported bridge. (2006)

Abstract The effect of multiple vehicles on a bridge’s dynamic amplification is a complex problem. Previously authors have examined multiple vehicle presence by constructing elaborate finite element models or undertaking field tests. Although both these methods give valuable information regarding the magnitude of dynamic amplification, the results tend to be site-specific and give limited insight into how large amplifications occur. This paper examines the dynamic amplification factor of a simply supported bridge being crossed by two loads traveling in both the same and opposing directions. Simple numerical point load models are used to determine the critical load velocities and load positions that result in high amplifications. An experimentally validated finite element model is used to examine the applicability of the conclusions to real bridge/vehicle systems.
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Eugene J. O'Brien, Sean P. Brady

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