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James H. Rice
Silvia Giordani
Eamonn Kennedy
Kevin Flavin
Ilona Kopf
Nebras Al-Alttar



carbon nanotubes raman spectra surface enhanced raman scattering chemical modification surface enhanced raman breathing modes line raman scattering

Surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectra of radial breathing modes and G+/- bands in functionalised nanotubes (2013)

Abstract In this paper we perform surface enhanced Raman scattering studies of two functionalisednanotubes, an oxidised SWCNT and a SWCNT with a fluorescein side group covalentlyattached to the nanotube was compared with pristine SWCNTs. Our studies showed that in the G- band a significant shift was seen, while relatively little change occurred in the G+ and RBM spectral regions. These results indicate that SERS is broadly in line with Raman studies of chemically altered SWCNTs.
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James H. Rice, Silvia Giordani, Eamonn Kennedy, Kevin Flavin, Ilona Kopf, Nebras Al-Alttar

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