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Arturo González
C. Rowley
Eugene J. O'Brien



weights tikhonov regularisation bridge least squares minimisation weigh in motion wim heavy vehicles l curve

A Regularised Solution to the Bridge Weigh in Motion Equations (2009)

Abstract The traditional approach to Bridge Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) developed by Moses, gives good accuracy for estimating gross vehicle weights but is less accurate for individual axle weights. In this paper, Tikhonov regularisation is applied to the original Moses’ equations to reduce some of the inaccuracies inherent within the algorithm. The optimal regularisation parameter is calculated using the L-curve criterion. The new regularised solution is numerically tested using simulations of moving vehicles on a bridge. Results show that the regularised solution performs significantly better than the original approach of Moses and is insensitive to road surface roughness.
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Arturo González, C. Rowley, Eugene J. O'Brien

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