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M. D. Gilchrist
L. J. Crane
M. J. Conry



ultrasonic waves crack detection metal nondestructive testing longitudinal waves ultrasonics rayleigh lamb waves two dimensional

Rayleigh-Lamb wave detection of two-dimensional defects in metal plates (2001)

Abstract Nondestructive testing of engineering structures is essential to ensure safety. Ultrasonic C-scanning uses waves ropagating normal to a plane surface. This is accurate, but slow for planar structures. Longitudinal waves would allow quicker testing of such structtwes. This paper considers the reflection of low to moderate frequency Rayleigh­ Lamb waves by a through width lozenge-shaped defect in an isotropic plate. A numerical method is used. It is shown that such longitudinal ultrasonic waves can be used with success to detect and locate structural defects if care is exercies in frequency selection.
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M. D. Gilchrist, L. J. Crane, M. J. Conry

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