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M. D. Gilchrist
J. P. Phillips
Mary C. Doorly


Physiotherapy & Sport

impact biomechanics united states multibody dynamics head injuries head impact accident reconstruction falls head injury

Reconstructing Real Life Accidents Towards Establishing Criteria for Traumatic Head Impact Injuries (2005)

Abstract Brain injury is the leading cause of death in those aged under 45 years in both Europe and the United States. The objective of this research is to reconstruct and analyse real world cases of accidental head injury, thereby providing accurate data which can be used subsequently to develop clinical tolerance levels associated with particular traumatic injuries and brain lesions. In this study, MADYMO pedestrian models are used to analyse a well-defined set of non-fatal accidents involving simple falls. The effect of varying the initial conditions is systematically examined and the predicted MADYMO results are compared against literature data.
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M. D. Gilchrist, J. P. Phillips, Mary C. Doorly

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