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M. D. Gilchrist
Thomas Blaine Hoshizaki
Philippe Rousseau



brain injury university college dublin maximal principal strain finite element model brain tissue hybrid iii headform finite element impact biomechanics

Estimating the influence of neckform compliance on brain tissue strain during a Helmeted impact (2010)

Abstract The aim of this study was to determine if a change in neckform compliance could influence maximum principal strain in the brain white and grey matter, the brain stem and the cerebellum. This was done by impacting a Hybrid III headform with a 16.6 kg impactor arm at 5 m/s. Three different Hybrid III neckforms were used: 1) one 50th percentile male neckform - standard neckform; 2) one 50th percentile male neckform plus 30 per cent compliance - soft neckform; 3) one 50th percentile male neckform minus 30 per cent compliance - stiff neckform. The kinematic data obtained was then used to drive a finite element model developed by University College Dublin. The results showed that a decrease in neckform compliance had a significant effect on maximal principal strain in the cerebellum, where the stiff neck (0.050 ± 0.004) generated higher maximum principal strains than the standard neck (0.036 ± 0.003) and the soft neck (0.037 ± 0.001). There were no significant differences between the stiff (0.122 ± 0.013), standard (0.114 ± 0.020) and soft neck (0.119 ± 0.019) in the white matter; the stiff (0.168 ± 0.011), standard (0.176 ± 0.011) and soft neck (0.176 ± 0.007) in the grey matter; or the stiff (0.080 ± 0.003), standard (0.081 ± 0.006) and soft neck (0.085 ± 0.009) in the brain stem. The results were not linked to brain injury due to the absence of a commonly accepted threshold.
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M. D. Gilchrist, Thomas Blaine Hoshizaki, Philippe Rousseau

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