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M. D. Gilchrist
Ciaran McNally
Amanda Gibney
Amir Tabakovic



performance characteristics pavements asphalt mechanical properties recycling recycled asphalt pavement rap asphalt pavements circular wheel track cwt pavements asphalt recycling pavements performance

The influence of recycled asphalt pavement on the fatigue performance of asphalt concrete base courses (2010)

Abstract This paper presents the physical properties of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and its influence on the mechanical performance of a binder course asphalt pavement mix. A series of binder course mixes were designed containing varying percentages of RAP. A mix made from only virgin material was selected as the control mix for the investigation. The effect of introducing RAP into the binder course mix was evaluated through a series of laboratory tests including the Marshall test, the indirect tensile stiffness modulus Test, the indirect tensile fatigue test and the water sensitivity test. A Circular Wheel Track (CWT) was developed in order to study the dynamic effects of a rolling wheel travelling over an asphalt pavement. The CWT was commissioned within a temperature controlled room along with a customised data acquisition system. The system involves the testing of rectangular slabs and allows for the investigation of dynamic tensile strain. The laboratory tests have shown that the introduction of RAP to the binder course mix resulted in an improvement in all mechanical properties. In particular, it was found that the mix containing up to 30% RAP, displayed improved fatigue resistance relative to the control mix manufactured from virgin materials.
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M. D. Gilchrist, Ciaran McNally, Amanda Gibney, Amir Tabakovic

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