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M. D. Gilchrist
Walter L. Halley
Manuel A. Forero Rueda


Physiotherapy & Sport

head injuries jockey equestrian britain and ireland amateur professional head injury horse racing concussion

Fall and injury incidence rates of jockeys while racing in Ireland, France and Britain (2010)

Abstract This article presents and analyses injury incidence rates for amateur and professional racing jockeys in Ireland, France and Britain by means of a retrospective study and review of published data.Amateur jump racing was seen to have the highest fall risk in these three countries (between 115 and 140 falls/1000 rides). Jump racing also had the highest rates of injury/ride amongst both amateur and professional jockeys. Flat racing, however, had the highest rates of injuries/fall (34–44%). Of all the injuries in both jump and flat racing populations of amateur and professional jockeys, 15% were concussive head injuries, and more than half of these involved loss of consciousness. Professional jump jockeys in Ireland fell less frequently than those in France or Britain. Their injury/fall rate and injury/ride rate were highest in Britain. Professional flat racing jockeys in France had the lowest rates of injuries/fall and injuries/ride, while those in Ireland had the highest.
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M. D. Gilchrist, Walter L. Halley, Manuel A. Forero Rueda

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