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M. D. Gilchrist
Stephen Kiernan
Liang Cui



functionally graded foam constitutive model impact test impact energy energy absorption functionally graded materials novel the finite element

Designing the energy absorption capacity of functionally graded foam materials (2009)

Abstract In this paper, a functionally graded foam model is proposed in order to improve the energy absorption characteristics offered by uniform foams. In this novel model, the characteristics of the foam (e.g., density) are varied through the thickness according to various gradient functions. The energy absorption ability of the novel foam is explored by performing finite element simulations of physical impact tests on flat specimens of the functionally graded foam materials. Energy absorbing capacity with respect to parameters including gradient functions, density difference, average density, and impact energy, is explored in detail. It is illustrated that the functionally graded foam is superior in energy absorption to the uniform foam and that convex gradients perform better than concave gradients. The performance of such foams can be improved more if the density difference is enlarged. These findings provide valuable suggestions in the design of high performance energy absorption polymeric foams.
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M. D. Gilchrist, Stephen Kiernan, Liang Cui

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