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M. D. Gilchrist
Mary C. Doorly



brain injury multibody dynamics modelling three dimensional accident traumatic brain injury community head injury accidental falls

Three-dimensional multibody dynamics analysis of accidental falls resulting in traumatic brain injury (2009)

Abstract Clinical, physical and mechanical details of one of a set of ten real world accidental falls which resulted in non-fatal headimpact injury in the form of various traumatic brain lesions are presented herein. These are analysed and described in depth in thepresent paper, along with the accompanying time profiles of linear and angular velocities of all ten accident cases, which werepredicted using multibody dynamics modelling simulations. It is suggested that these cases could usefully constitute the basis of adatabase of documented head injury cases that may be of use to the wider research community. As such, these are freely available toresearchers who would wish to use this set of data, upon direct request to the authors.
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