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M. D. Gilchrist
Andrew Post
Marshall Kendall


Physiotherapy & Sport

brain deformation concussion dynamic response three dimensional brain injury head impact head injury ice hockey

A Comparison of dynamic impact response and brain deformation metrics within the cerebrum of head impact reconstructions representing three mechanisms of head injury in ice hockey (2012)

Abstract Ice hockey has been identified as having one of the highest concussion rates. The three most likely causes of concussive injury are; falls to the ice, shoulder to head impacts and punches to the head. The purpose of this study was to examine how these three mechanisms of injury in the sport of ice hockey influence the dynamic response of the head form and the magnitude and distribution of maximum principal strain in the cerebrum. The three impact mechanisms were simulated using a Hybrid III head and neck form attached to a linear impactor, pendulum or monorail system. Three dimensional linear and rotational acceleration data from each impact condition were used to undertake finite element modeling to calculate maximum principal strain in regions of brain tissue. The results indicated that each mechanism incurred a unique peak resultant linear and rotational acceleration response. The maximum principal strain magnitudes were found to be largest in the fall to the ice. The regions of the brain incurring the largest deformation varied per mechanism of injury. This variation of peak magnitude per brain region might explain the differences in symptomology for concussion. Furthering the understanding of these mechanisms would aid in improving the safety of the game.
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M. D. Gilchrist, Andrew Post, Marshall Kendall

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