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Linear Viscoelastic Properties of Cerbral Cortex at Thresholds for Axonal Damage (2010)

Abstract Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by rapid deformation of the brain thatleads to shearing of axons. While deformation below the limits of ultimatefailure can activate pathophysiological cascades that causeneurodegeneration [1], bleeding does not always occur even after tearing ofaxons. Traditional imaging studies such as CT and MRI are designed todetect areas of bleeding but these can fail to detect the presence of multiple,widespread, microscopic axonal injuries that can result in devastatingneurological deficits. A large knowledge gap still exists defining therelationship between axonal injury at a microscopic level (morphologicalinjury) and the material properties of the corpus callosum, hippocampus andcerebral cortex on the macroscopic level, but at identical strain levels. Thisresearch investigates the linear viscoelastic properties of the cerebral cortexat known thresholds of axonal injury (0.14 - 0.34 strains [2]). During quasistatic loading of tissue in creep tests, instantaneous strains were generatedcorresponding to axonal thresholds. A linear viscoelastic constitutive modelwas used to determine six Prony parameters suitable for finite elementsimulation in ABAQUS and ANSYS. Use of such properties at the levels ofaxonal damage will help to accurately predict injuries during numericalsimulations, to design safety helmets and air bags, and also to refineexisting injury criteria and to improve the precision in surgical procedures.
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Michel Destrade, M. D. Gilchrist, Badar Rashid

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