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Cormac J. Byrne
M. D. Gilchrist
Dermot Stratton
David J. Browne



bulk metallic glass mechanical properties polymer devices tooling focused ion beam micro nano features tool steel state of the art

Bulk Metallic Glass Multiscale Tooling for Molding of Polymers with Micro to Nano Features : A Review (2012)

Abstract There is a growing demand for single-use disposable polymer devices with features at submicron scales. This requires resilient tooling which can be patterned to scales of the order of hundreds of nanometers. The requisite topology can be imparted to silicon, but it is too brittle to be of use in a die to mold thousands of plastic parts. The polycrystalline nature of tool steel means that it cannot be patterned with submicron detail. Some bulk amorphous alloys have the requisite mechanical properties to be viable as materials for such dies, and can be patterned—e.g., via embossing as a supercooled liquid into MEMS silicon or using focused ion beam (FIB)—with submicron features which may persevere over many thousands of molding cycles. The composition of the amorphous alloy must be carefully selected to suit the particular molding application (polymer/process). The state-of-the-art methodology is presented, along with results of our recent experimental investigations.
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Cormac J. Byrne, M. D. Gilchrist, Dermot Stratton, David J. Browne

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