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Denis P. Dowling
Alan Hynes
Greg Byrne
Aidan Breen
Barry Twomey



diamond rf plasma sintering composites microwave plasma microwave sintering cycle time nickel microwave plasma sintering

Comparison of thermal and microwave-assisted plasma sintering of nickel-diamond composites (2010)

Abstract There is considerable interest in processing technologies which can lead to moreenergy efficient sintering of metal powders. Microwave sintering has recently beenshown to reduce energy usage as the volumetric heating process is considerably moreefficient than resistance heating. RF plasma sintering meanwhile has been shown todeliver heat via uniform excitation of the processing gas resulting in ion bombardmentof the workpiece. In this study the use of a rapid, novel microwave-assisted plasmasintering (MaPS) technology for processing of nickel-diamond metal matrixcomposites is evaluated. Nickel powder and polycrystalline diamond were mixed toprepare 20 mm discs under uniaxial compaction pressures of 100, 200 and 300 MPa.The discs were fired in a low pressure microwave plasma under a hydrogenatmosphere. For comparison, discs were also sintered using conventional tube furnacefiring. The MaPS sintering is very rapid with full disc strength of >1000N, based on3-point bend tests, being achieved within 10 minutes compared with 8 hours forfurnace treatment. This study demonstrates that the microwave-assisted plasmasintered discs produced similar or superior performance to discs fired using furnacefiring conditions but with sintering cycle time reduced by up to 95%.
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Denis P. Dowling, Alan Hynes, Greg Byrne, Aidan Breen, Barry Twomey

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