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Denis P. Dowling
Amsarani Dowling
Charlie P. Stallard
Justyna Jaroszyńska-Wolińska
Liam O'Neill
Peter Anthony Fry Herbert



gas vs liquid precursor deposition soft plasma polymerization non equilibrium pin corona functional coatings atmospheric pressure plasma stability gas plasma

A comparison between gas and atomised liquid precursor states in the deposition of functional coatings by pin corona plasma (2011)

Abstract This work directly compares vapour and liquid aerosol states for the deposition of perfluorocarboncoatings using an atmospheric pressure, non-thermal equilibrium plasma jet system. The objective of thestudy is to evaluate how the physical state of the precursor (gas or liquid), influences the fragmentationof the monomer molecules in the plasma and the subsequent coating properties. Specifically the effect ofgas or liquid aerosol precursor feed on the ability to achieve a soft plasma polymerisation (SPP) isassessed with a view to producing a coating that exhibits minimal fragmentation, while being well crosslinked.The precursor (Perfluoro–1–Decene) was introduced into a helium plasma and coatingsdeposited at rates of up to 50 nm/min. The deposited coatings were examined using XPS, FTIR, contactangle and ellipsometric measurements. These indicated that a controlled polymerization reactionthrough the vinyl group of the monomer had taken place in the case of the gas deposited samples withonly minor fragmentation of the functional perfluoro chain. Furthermore, a high level of cross-linkingwas achieved and the perfluorocarbon coatings were stable to a toluene wash. In contrast, while2coatings deposited using the liquid deposition technique showed good retention of monomer molecularstructure, they exhibited poor stability when immersed in toluene. This is attributed to lower levels ofcross-linking of the liquid precursor in the plasma, compared with coatings deposited using the gaseousprecursor technique.
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Denis P. Dowling, Amsarani Dowling, Charlie P. Stallard, Justyna Jaroszyńska-Wolińska, Liam O'Neill, Peter Anthony Fry Herbert

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