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Ales Znidaric
Jason Dowling
Arturo González
Eugene J. O'Brien



bridge assessment dynamic ratio characteristic adr weigh in motion soft load testing vehicle bridge interaction vbi wim

Direct measurement of dynamics in road bridges using a bridge weigh-in-motion system (2013)

Abstract A method is presented of measuring a bridge’s characteristic allowance for dynamic interaction in the form of Assessment Dynamic Ratio. Using a Bridge Weigh-in-Motion system, measurements were taken at a bridge in Slovenia over 58 days. From the total observed traffic population, 5-axle trucks were extracted and studied. The Bridge Weigh-in-Motion system inferred the static weights of the trucks, giving each measured event’s dynamic increment of load. Theoretical simulations were carried out using a 3-dimensional vehicle model coupled with a bridge plate model, simulating a traffic population similar to the population measured at the site. These theoretical simulations varied those properties of the 5-axle fleet that influence the dynamic response; simulating multiple sets of total (dynamic + static) responses for a single measured static strain response. Extrapolating the results of these theoretical simulations to a 50-year Assessment Dynamic Ratio gives similar results to those obtained by extrapolating the data measured using the Bridge Weigh-in-Motion system. A study of the effect of Bridge Weigh-in-Motion system errors on the predictions of Assessment Dynamic Ratio is conducted, identifying a trend in the Bridge Weigh-in-Motion calculations of maximum static response. The result of this bias is in turn quantified in the context of predicting characteristic maximum total load effect.
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Ales Znidaric, Jason Dowling, Arturo González, Eugene J. O'Brien

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