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Donya Hajializadeh
Eugene J. O'Brien
Alan Brown
Steven Jones
Jim Richardson



truck weight enforcement heavy vehicle systems weighing devices overweight enforcement state of the art mfi trucks overweight trucks wim accuracy classification bridges moving force identification axle weights b wim bridge weigh in motion weigh in motion

On the use of bridge weigh-in-motion for overweight truck enforcement (2014)

Abstract Bridge weigh-in-motion (B-WIM) is a method by which the axle weights of a vehicle travelling at full highway speed can be determined using a bridge instrumented with sensors. This paper looks at the history of B-WIM, beginning with early work on weigh-in-motion (WIM) technologies in the 1960s leading to its invention by Fred Moses and George Goble in the USA in the mid 1970s. Research initiatives in Australia and Europe have focused on improving B-WIM accuracy. The moving force identification (MFI) method models the dynamic fluctuation of axle forces on the bridge and holds particular promise. B-WIM accuracy depends on bridge site conditions as well as the particular data processing algorithm. The accuracy classifications of several B-WIM installations reported in the literature are summarised in this paper. Current accuracy levels are sufficient for selecting vehicles to be weighed using static scales, but insufficient for direct enforcement.
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Donya Hajializadeh, Eugene J. O'Brien, Alan Brown, Steven Jones, Jim Richardson

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