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Eugene J. O'Brien
P. McGetrick
Abdollah Malekjafarian


Computer Science

vehicles natural sensors data acquisition bridge maintenance structural health monitoring shm indirect bridge monitoring implementation

A Review of Indirect Bridge Monitoring Using Passing Vehicles (2015)

Abstract Indirect bridge monitoring methods, using the responses measured from vehicles passing over bridges, are under development for about a decade. A major advantage of these methods is that they use sensors mounted on the vehicle, no sensors or data acquisition system needs to be installed on the bridge. Most of the proposed methods are based on the identification of dynamic characteristics of the bridge from responses measured on the vehicle, such as natural frequency, mode shapes, and damping. In addition, some of the methods seek to directly detect bridge damage based on the interaction between the vehicle and bridge. This paper presents a critical review of indirect methods for bridge monitoring and provides discussion and recommendations on the challenges to be overcome for successful implementation in practice.
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Eugene J. O'Brien, P. McGetrick, Abdollah Malekjafarian

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