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Colin C. Caprani
Alessandro Lipari
Eugene J. O'Brien



congestion traffic load lane span long span micro simulation bridge

Effect of Single-Lane Congestions on Long-Span Bridge Traffic Loading (2012)

Abstract It is well known that traffic loading of long-span bridges is governed by congestion. In spite of the fact that field observations in the past decades have shown that congestion can take up different forms, most previous studies on bridge traffic loading consider only a queue of standstill vehicles. In this paper, a micro-simulation tool is used for generating congestedtraffic on a single-lane roadway. The underlying micro-simulation model has been found capable of successfully replicating observed congestion patterns on motorways by simulating single-lane traffic with identical vehicles. Here trucks are introduced into the model, in an investigation of the total load for a 200m span bridge. Different congestion patterns are found and studied in relation to their effect on loading. It is found that the bumper-to-bumper queue is not necessarily the most critical situation for the sample long-span bridge, since it does not allow the flowing of vehicles and therefore decreases the probability of observing critical loading events. Slow-moving traffic, corresponding to heavy congestion, can be more critical, depending on the truck proportion.
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Colin C. Caprani, Alessandro Lipari, Eugene J. O'Brien

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