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Eugene J. O'Brien
Alan O'Connor
Arturo González



load effects simulations eurocode bridge dynamics traffic loading dynamic interaction weigh in motion dynamic assessment

An Assessment of the Influence of Dynamic Interaction Modelling on Predicted Characteristic Load Effects in Bridges (2003)

Abstract Traffic loading crossing a bridge is simulated to analyse the correlation between the worst staticand dynamic load case. The worst static cases are obtained through a Monte-Carlo simulationusing weigh-in-motion (WIM) data from a typical European route. The bridge model is a twolane20 m long single span structure discretised into plate elements. The truck model is composedof bar, mass, damping, spring and rigid elements. The road profile is generated stochasticallyfrom power spectral density functions. The dynamic interaction between bridge, truck and roadprofile is solved using a Lagrange multiplier technique. Dynamic amplification factors areobtained for the critical static loading cases, which for a two-lane 20-m bridge is due to meetingevents between two five-axle trucks. Results are compared to the Eurocode recommendations.
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Eugene J. O'Brien, Alan O'Connor, Arturo González

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