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Eugene J. O'Brien
Colin C. Caprani



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Recent Advances in the Governing Form of Traffic for Bridge Loading (2010)

Abstract The assessment of site-specific bridge traffic loading using WIM data is a critical feature ofminimizing the cost of rehabilitation and replacement for bridge stock. For short- to medium-span bridges, it is often assumed that free-flowing traffic, including the dynamic interaction between the vehicles and bridge, governs the extreme load effect. In this paper, some recent advances in statistical techniques applied to bridge load effect extrapolation are presented. A critical review of these new approaches is made and it is shown that extrapolation results are now considerably more reliable and repeatable. It is also shown that there is doubtover the governing form of traffic. Therefore, the authors present some initial results of congested-traffic models in comparison to a free-flowing model. For a range of bridge lengths and load effects, the authors determine the dynamic ratio that would be required for free-flowing traffic to govern. The implications of these recent advances and various findings are discussed with reference to the future direction of research into bridge traffic loading
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Eugene J. O'Brien, Colin C. Caprani

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