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WAVE - A European Research Project on Weigh-in-Motion (1996)

Abstract WAVE (Weigh-in-motion of Axles and Vehicles for Europe) is a researchproject, part-funded by the European Commission, with the objective of improving theaccuracy and performance of Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) technology. It has a budget of theorder of $ 2 million and will run from mid 1996 to mid 1998. It has close links and asubstantial overlap of membership with COST323, a pan-European group withrepresentatives from about 20 countries which coordinates nationally funded activitiesrelating to WIM. The principal objectives of WAVE are: (i) to improve the accuracy ofWIM systems, (ii) to develop a prototype pan-European WIM database, (iii) to developcalibration and testing procedures for WIM system performance and accuracy,particularly for cold climates and (iv) to develop a prototype fibre optic WIM sensor
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