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Ales Znidaric
Arturo González
Eugene J. O'Brien



bridge loads weigh in motion dynamic assessment site specific traffic load bridge assessment finite element dynamic response

Recommendations for Dynamic Allowance in Bridge Assessment (2012)

Abstract This paper summarises the developments in the dynamic response of bridges to traffic loadingbased on a large amount of simulations and field tests carried out within the 6th EU framework ARCHES(2006-2009). When assessing the total traffic load effect on a bridge, there is a number of alternatives to characterisethe associated dynamic component depending on the information available to the engineer. The simplestapproach is to adopt the conservative values provided in bridge codes covering for many uncertainties.Nevertheless, if bridge drawings, bridge properties, updated weigh-in-motion data and road profile wereknown, then validated vehicle-bridge finite element interaction models can be used to reduce these uncertainties.Dynamic allowance can also be experimentally derived from measured total load effects using modernbridge weigh-in-motion technology. Guidelines are provided on how to obtain a site-specific value of dynamicallowance, both numerically and experimentally.
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Ales Znidaric, Arturo González, Eugene J. O'Brien

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