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Eugene J. O'Brien
Alan O'Connor
Bernard Jacob
Emil Doupal
Markus Caprez


Computer Science

wim trial weigh in motion sensors traffic weight durability

Test of WIM Sensors and Systems on an Urban Road (2000)

Abstract This paper describes a large scale test of six WIM systems and four additional sensorson an urban roadway in Zürich, Switzerland. Gross weights from some thousands ofstatically weighed vehicles were used to determine the levels of accuracy for eachsystem, with reference to the new draft of the European specification on WIM(COST323). The accuracy of axle weights was not tested. The WIM sensors, whichincluded one prototype were tested with the assistance of a recording and processingdevice supplied by the organiser. Most systems encountered some problems, failuresand faults, under the carefully controlled conditions of the 30 month test. However,these were generally solved by the suppliers after some delay.Statistics are provided on overall levels of accuracy and on trends with season and time.In addition, a brief history of system malfunctions and failures is provided. Neverthelessthe scope of the conclusions are limited by the traffic conditions and the test plan.
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Eugene J. O'Brien, Alan O'Connor, Bernard Jacob, Emil Doupal, Markus Caprez

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