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Eugene J. O'Brien
Chul-Woo Kim
P. McGetrick



parameters mass laboratory experiment road profile bridge dynamics vehicle detection experimental surface

Experimental Investigation of the Detection of Bridge Dynamic Parameters Using a Moiving Vehicle (2010)

Abstract This paper investigates the feasibility of using an instrumented vehicle to detect bridge dynamic parameters,such as natural frequency and structural damping, in a scaled laboratory experiment. In the experiment, a scaledvehicle model crosses a steel girder which has been adopted as the bridge model. The bridge model also includesa scaled road surface profile. The effects of varying vehicle model mass and speed are investigated. The dampingof the girder is also varied. The bridge frequency and changes in damping are detected in the vehicle accelerationresponse in the presence of a rough road surface profile.
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Eugene J. O'Brien, Chul-Woo Kim, P. McGetrick

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