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Kenneth Gavin
A. Taheri
Eugene J. O'Brien



roughness dynamic loading settlement dynamic interaction numerical model pothole

The Influence of Subgrade Subsidence on Train Track Dynamic Interaction (2012)

Abstract This paper reports results from a numerical model to calculate subgrade settlementin railway tracks due to repeated dynamic loading. The trains are modelled as rigidbody 2-axle carriages on two layers of springs. The track is modelled as a beamsupported on three layers of springs. Permanent deformation of the subgrade layer iscalculated on the basis of a power law assumption. Patterns of dynamic forces arecalculated on a smooth track and on a track subject to an initial subgrade ‘pothole’.The latter is shown to grow with repeated loading and to change the mean patternsof applied force.
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Kenneth Gavin, A. Taheri, Eugene J. O'Brien

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