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A. Taheri
Eugene J. O'Brien



stochastic processes pavement mechanistic empirical natural frequencies statistical mechanics permanent deformation spatial repeatability

The Influence of Statistical Spatial Repeatabiliy on Remaining Pavement Life (2010)

Abstract A road develops permanent deformation and fatigue damage because of the strains induced in itsstructure by surface loading and environmental change. A mechanistic-empirical approach isimplemented here to simulate the deterioration of a pavement. A quarter car model is used tosimulate pavement/vehicle dynamic interaction and a feedback mechanism is implemented after eachrun to update the pavement profile after the passage of each axle. In this way, the influence ofStatistical Spatial Repeatability (SSR) is incorporated into the pavement damage model. The modelis run for two sample profiles. The first is a simple step profile which demonstrates that the patternsof damage relate to the two natural frequencies of the quarter car. An initially random profile is alsoinvestigated. A complete history of the surface profile during its life demonstrates how the peaks andtroughs migrate in response to the evolving pattern of SSR.
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