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Michel Prat
Eugene J. O'Brien
Bernard Jacob
Alan O'Connor



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Effects of Traffic Loads on Road Bridges - Preliminary Studies for the Re-Asessment of the Traffic Load Model for Eurocode 1, Part 3. (1998)

Abstract WIM has developed greatly in the last ten years and confidence in the accuracy of recorded data hasincreased significantly. Traffic data recently obtained from a number of representative European sitesare used to re-calibrate the codified main load model of the European bridge loading code, Eurocode1 Part 3. A wide range of real and virtual bridge forms were chosen for the study. Simulations wereperformed using free-flowing and jammed traffic. Load effects generated were determined andstatistical extrapolations were performed, where appropriate, to determine characteristic values for theload effects. Some of the assumptions used in the derivation of the original loading model were reassessed.
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Michel Prat, Eugene J. O'Brien, Bernard Jacob, Alan O'Connor

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