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Eugene J. O'Brien
Daniel Cantero
Arturo González



bridge expansion joint shear road traffic vehicle dynamic response highway

The Impact of a Bump on the Response of a Bridge to Traffic (2009)

Abstract There are numerous studies on the dynamic amplification factors caused by trafficflow on a bridge. For short- and medium-span bridges, the road profile appears as adominant parameter on the bridge dynamic response. In theoretical investigations,the road profile is usually modelled as a stochastic random process. However, thisapproach does not take into account the high irregularities that are prone to developin the connection of the bridge to its approach, as result of a damaged expansionjoint and/or differential settlement. Most of research on dynamic amplification dueto traffic has focused in bending moment effects. This paper uses planar vehiclebridgeinteraction models to assess the increase in shear effects at the supports that abump prior to the bridge may cause. Results for a range of bumps, bridge lengths,traffic configurations and road conditions are discussed.
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Eugene J. O'Brien, Daniel Cantero, Arturo González

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