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P. McGetrick
Eugene J. O'Brien
Arturo González



the european union european directive vehicle detection data acquisition environmental factors transport policy vehicle bridge interaction model road profile simulations

Detection of Bridge Dynamic Parameters Using an Instrumented Vehicle (2010)

Abstract Highway structures such as bridges are subject to continuous degradation primarily due to ageing and environmental factors. A rational transport policy requires the monitoring of this transport infrastructure to provide adequate maintenance and guarantee the required levels of transport service and safety. In Europe, this is now a legal requirement - a European Directive requires all member states of the European Union to implement a Bridge Management System. However, the process is expensive, requiring the installation of sensing equipment and data acquisition electronics on the bridge. This paper investigates the use of an instrumented vehicle fitted with accelerometers on its axles to monitor the dynamic behaviour of bridges as an indicator of its structural condition. This approach eliminates the need for any on-site installation of measurement equipment. A simplified half-car vehicle-bridge interaction model is used in theoretical simulations to test the possibility of extracting the dynamic parameters of the bridge from the spectra of vehicle accelerations. The effect of vehicle speed, vehicle mass and bridge span length on the detection of the bridge dynamic parameters are investigated. The algorithm is highly sensitive to the condition of the road profile and simulations are carried out for both smooth and rough profiles.
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P. McGetrick, Eugene J. O'Brien, Arturo González

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