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Eugene J. O'Brien
Colin C. Caprani
Alessandro Lipari



bridges traffic load traffic long span bridges long span load effect microsimulation

Load effect of single-lane traffic simulations on long-span bridges (2010)

Abstract It is well acknowledged that long-span road bridges (about 50 m long and more) aregoverned by congestion traffic rather than free-flow conditions. A conventional modelfor the design of new long-span bridges is to place over the bridge a load modelrepresenting a platoon of heavy vehicle with the gaps between them reduced to aminimum. This assumption is too conservative for existing bridges, given the largedisruption costs faced by their closure for rehabilitation. In order to model the closegaps between vehicles, characteristic of congested traffic, microsimulation is neededto accurately capture drivers’ behaviour. In this work, a microsimulation model isstudied and found to replicate many different known forms of congestion. As a firstapproach to the topic, single-lane simulations of identical vehicles have been carriedout in order to obtain load effect on a sample bridge. This load effect is studied withreference to the form of traffic causing the load effect. It is found that the mostextreme load effect may not be caused by purely congested traffic but also by non-stationary congested conditions
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Eugene J. O'Brien, Colin C. Caprani, Alessandro Lipari

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