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Ales Znidaric
Eugene J. O'Brien
Jason Dowling
Arturo González



traffic loads dynamic loading boundary conditions heavy vehicles bridge design load effects static loads traffic loading

Experimental determination of dynamic allowance for traffic loading in bridges (2010)

Abstract Bridge codes adopt values for dynamic allowance in traffic load models that are necessarily conservativeto cover for an entire range of bridges with different mechanical characteristics, boundary conditions, and the largenumber of uncertainties associated to the vehicle-bridge interaction problem. A further level of conservatism occursdue to the independent manner in which the governing static load and the corresponding allowance for dynamics arespecified. In particular, certain bridges are not susceptible to high levels of vehicle-bridge interaction when loadedby a critically heavy vehicle or a critical combination of vehicles. Recent advances in Bridge Weigh-In-Motiontechnology allow not only to collect information on the weights, spacings and speeds of the traffic loads traversing abridge, but also to separate the maximum static strain from the total measured strain using a filtering procedure. Inthis paper, maximum static and total load effects are collected and analysed for three different sites as part of theEuropean project ARCHES (6th RTD framework programme). Bridge measurements are used to discuss thedynamics of the most frequent truck classes and the entire traffic sample. The measurements reveal a decrease inpercentage increment in dynamics and a reduction on the variability of the dynamic increment as the static loadeffect increases. This phenomenon can be of particular relevance in the assessment of the dynamics of extremeloading cases.
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Ales Znidaric, Eugene J. O'Brien, Jason Dowling, Arturo González

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