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Arturo González
P. McGetrick
Eugene J. O'Brien



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Identification of Road Irregularities via Vehicle Accelerations (2010)

Abstract A periodic monitoring of the pavement condition facilitates a cost-effective distribution of theresources available for maintenance of the road infrastructure network. The task can beaccurately carried out using profilometers, but such an approach is generally expensive. Thispaper presents a method to collect information on the road profile via accelerometers mounted ina fleet of non-specialist vehicles, such as police cars, that are in use for other purposes. Itproposes an optimisation algorithm, based on Cross Entropy theory, to predict road irregularities.The Cross Entropy algorithm estimates the height of the road irregularities from vehicleaccelerations at each point in time. To test the algorithm, the crossing of a half-car roll model issimulated over a range of road profiles to obtain accelerations of the vehicle sprung andunsprung masses. Then, the simulated vehicle accelerations are used as input in an iterativeprocedure that searches for the best solution to the inverse problem of finding road irregularities.In each iteration, a sample of road profiles is generated and an objective function defined as thesum of squares of differences between the ‘measured’ and predicted accelerations is minimizeduntil convergence is reached. The reconstructed profile is classified according to ISO and IRIrecommendations and compared to its original class. Results demonstrate that the approach isfeasible and that a good estimate of the short-wavelength features of the road profile can bedetected, despite the variability between the vehicles used to collect the data.
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Arturo González, P. McGetrick, Eugene J. O'Brien

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