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Eugene J. O'Brien
Raid Karoumi
Daniel Cantero



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Maximum total load effects in vehicle-bridge dynamic interaction problems for simply supported structures (2014)

Abstract This paper quantifies the underestimation of bending moment that results from exclusively considering the mid-span section of bridges when calculating vehicle-bridge dynamic interaction. A numerical model of a simply supported Euler-Bernoulli beam, traversed by a 1-DOF vehicle, is used to evaluate the differences. The simplicity of the model is justified by the additional insight that the results provide on the complex vehicle-bridge interaction problem. The results are presented using three dimensionless parameters that uniquely define the solution, taking into account the coupled system (vehicle and beam) frequencies and masses as well as the velocity of the passing vehicle. The results show that the overall maximum load effect occurs in the vicinity of the mid-span section and can be of significantly higher magnitude when compared to the maximum at mid-span.
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Eugene J. O'Brien, Raid Karoumi, Daniel Cantero

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