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Fergal Mc Caffery
Kevin McDaid
Derek Flood


Computer Science

natural language natural language processing computer science information retrieval statistical analysis software tool processing techniques financial modelling

NLP-SIR: A Natural Language Approach for Spreadsheet Information Retrieval (2001)

Abstract Spreadsheets are a ubiquitous software tool, used for a wide variety of tasks such as financial modelling, statistical analysis and inventory management. Extracting meaningful information from such data can be a difficult task, especially for novice users unfamiliar with the advanced data processing features of many spreadsheet applications. We believe that through the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques this task can be made considerably easier. This paper introduces NLP-SIR, a Natural language interface for spreadsheet information retrieval. The results of a recent evaluation which compared NLP-SIR with existing Information retrieval tools are also outlined. This evaluation has shown that NLP-SIR is a more effective method of spreadsheet information retrieval.
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Fergal Mc Caffery, Kevin McDaid, Derek Flood

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