Gerard Downey
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Declan J. Troy
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Agriculture & Food Science

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Enhancing the healthiness, shelf-life and flavour of Irish fresh packaged beef (2007)

Abstract Consumer concern about the nutritional aspects of health has heightenedinterest in developing methods for manipulation of the fatty acid compositionof ruminant products. Ruminant meats such as beef and lamb are oftencriticised by nutritionists for having high amounts of saturated (S) fatty acidsand low levels of polyunsaturated (P) fatty acids. The P:S ratio in beef isapproximately 0.1, the ideal being about 0.4. However, an excessive increasein P concentration could predispose beef lipids to rancidity and loss of shelflife.Moreover, the colour of meat is an important influence on the purchasedecision of the consumer. This report summarises the Teagasc contribution toa larger project supported under the Food Institutional Research Measureprogramme administrated by the Department of Agriculture and Food. TheTeagasc contribution focused on enhancing the fatty acid composition of beefby nutritional manipulation of cattle using grazing and plant oils, the use ofhealthy - fatty acid enriched bovine tissue to make a processed beef productand the efficacy of dietary inclusion of tea catechins and rosemary to enhancethe shelf-life of beef.
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Gerard Downey, Joseph Kerry, Michael O'Grady, Declan J. Troy, Brendan Murray, Aidan P Moloney

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