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M. McCabe
J.F. Kearney
Sinead M. Waters
P. O'Boyle
Dawn J Howard
Donagh P. Berry



dgat1 dairy holstein friesian dairy cattle gene polymorphism cattle irish irish dairy allele substitution holstein

Associations between the K232A polymorphism in the diacylglycerol-O-transferase 1 (DGAT1) gene and performance in Irish Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle (2010)

Abstract Selection based on genetic polymorphisms requires accurate quantification of theeffect or association of the polymorphisms with all traits of economic importance.The objective of this study was to estimate, using progeny performance data on 848Holstein-Friesian bulls, the association between a non-conservative alanine to lysineamino acid change (K232A) in exon 8 of the diacylglycerol-O-transferase 1 (DGAT1)gene and milk production and functionality in the Irish Holstein-Friesian population.The DGAT1 gene encodes the diacylglycerol-O-transferase microsomal enzymenecessary to catalyze the final step in triglyceride synthesis. Weighted mixed modelmethodology, accounting for the additive genetic relationships among animals, wasused to evaluate the association between performance and the K232A polymorphism.The minor allele frequency (K allele) was 0.32. One copy of the K allele was associated(P < 0.001) with 77 kg less milk yield, 4.22 kg more fat yield, 0.99 kg less proteinyield, and 1.30 and 0.28 g/kg greater milk fat and protein concentration, respectively;all traits were based on predicted 305-day production across the first five lactations.The K232A polymorphism explained 4.8%, 10.3% and 1.0% of the genetic variance inmilk yield, fat yield and protein yield, respectively. There was no association betweenthe K232A polymorphism and fertility, functional survival, calving performance,carcass traits, or any conformation trait with the exception of rump width and carcassconformation. Using the current economic values for the milk production traitsin the Irish total merit index, one copy of the K allele is worth €5.43 in expectedprofitability of progeny. Results from this study will be useful in quantifying thecost-benefit of including the K232A polymorphism in the Irish national breeding programme.
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M. McCabe, J.F. Kearney, Sinead M. Waters, P. O'Boyle, Dawn J Howard, Donagh P. Berry

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