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Marie-Jean Nolan
J.A. Farrell
Margaret Murray
Bernadette Earley



weight gain live weight calf performance calves interferon calf welfare calf health immune function

Rearing calves outdoors with and without calf jackets compared with indoor housing on calf health and live-weight performance (2004)

Abstract The objective of this study was to compare the effects of rearing calves outdoors, withand without all-weather calf jackets, with calves reared indoors on calf immunity andanimal performance. In February 1999, male Holstein calves (mean (s.e.) weight 55(1.90) kg) were randomly assigned to one of three treatments (n=30 per treatment): 1)outdoors with jacket, (J; mean age 19 (s.e. 2.0) days); 2) outdoors without jacket (NJ;mean age 19 (s.e. 1.8) days), and 3) indoors on straw (I; mean age 19 (s.e. 1.0) days).Calves received an individual allowance of 25 kg of milk replacer dry matter during thefirst 42 days with ad libitum access to a concentrate ration from day 0 to 63. The jacketswere removed from the calves on day 42. Live-weight gain from day 0 to day 63 ofthe study was not significantly different between treatments (J, 0.79; NJ, 0.80; I, 0.80kg). Sixty percent of the J calves and 53% of the NJ calves required four or more antibiotictreatments for respiratory disease while corresponding treatments wererequired for 97% of the I calves. The incidence of diarrhoea was significantly higher inboth outdoor treatments compared to the I treatment. There was no significant differencein white blood cell counts or in serum immunoglobulin concentrations betweentreatments on days 0, 21, 42 and 63 or in in vitro interferon-γ production on day 63. Itis concluded that using calf jackets on calves reared outdoors had no beneficial effecton calf performance or immune status. The incidence of respiratory disease was higherand diarrhoea incidence was lower in calves reared indoors compared with calvesreared outdoors. There was no significant difference in incidences of diarrhoea andrespiratory disease between the two outdoor treatments.
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Marie-Jean Nolan, J.A. Farrell, Margaret Murray, Bernadette Earley

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