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Simon J More
D.M. Collins
E.A. Lane
S. McCormack
M.J. Canty


Agriculture & Food Science

ireland castlecomer plateau soil animal requirements herbage implications essential elements metal

Essential elements and heavy metal concentrations in a small area of the Castlecomer Plateau, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland: Implications for animal performance. (2011)

Abstract Many ruminants are solely or mostly dependant for their nutrients, including essentialelements, on the forage available to them, either in its natural state or conserved ashay or silage. A soil and herbage survey was carried out in April and September 2007,in a 3.1 km × 3.0 km grid, incorporating 106 and 46 sampling points, respectively, onthe Castlecomer Plateau, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. The aim was to determine the nutrientand heavy metal status of soil and herbage in the sampling area, and to examine theconcentrations observed for their potential to impact on animal performance. Low soilpH and high soil lime requirements were identified within the sampling area. The concentrationsof Ca, Cu, Se and Zn were low in both soil and herbage. These conditionsare similar to those found on other farms in Ireland. Fluoride was detected in 61 ofthe 97 herbage samples in April 2007, but only four exceeded 40 mg/kg dry matter, themaximum tolerable level for cattle. Mineral imbalances (Ca, Cu, Se and Zn) observedin pastures caused by low soil mineral status, exacerbated by low soil pH, could impairanimal performance in the area studied.
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Ireland -> Teagasc -> IJAFR, Volume 50, no. 2, 2011
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Simon J More, D.M. Collins, E.A. Lane, S. McCormack, M.J. Canty

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