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Patrick J. Caffrey
Michael J Drennan
Mark McGee



suckler cows milk yield holstein friesian weight gain genotype live weight calf performance weaning weight

Effect of suckler cow genotype on milk yield and pre-weaning calf performance (2005)

Abstract Milk yield and pre-weaning calf performance of spring-calving Charolais (C) and Beef ×Holstein-Friesian (BF) cows was compared over 3 experiments. Cows were individuallyoffered a restricted allowance of grass silage pre partum in Experiments 1 and 2 andad libitum silage in Experiment 3. In all three experiments cows received silage toappetite for the first 34 (s.d. 16.2) days of lactation. In Experiments 1 and 2, cows and calves were grazed together during the subsequent grazing seasons. The daily milkyield of C cows was significantly lower from parturition until turnout to pasture (1.8 to2.5 kg/day lower) and subsequently at pasture (4.5 and 3.1 kg/day lower in Experiments 1 and 2, respectively) than that of BF cows. Calves from C cows consumed more (P <0.01) concentrate creep feed during the indoor period than calves from BF cows.Compared to calves from BF cows, pre-weaning daily live-weight gain was lower forcalves from C cows in Experiments 1 (P < 0.05) and 2 (P = 0.06). The pre-weaninggrowth response per 1 kg increase in milk yield was greater for calves from C cows thanthose from BF cows. In conclusion, compared to BF cows the milk yield of C cows waslower resulting in increased calf concentrate intake indoors and lower pre-weaning calf daily live-weight gains.
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Ireland -> Teagasc -> IJAFR, volume 44, 2005
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Patrick J. Caffrey, Michael J Drennan, Mark McGee

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