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R Paul Ross
Catherine Stanton
Gerald F Fitzgerald
Colin Hill
Peadar G Lawlor
Noel Sexton
Orla O'Sullivan
Lisa O'Sulivan
Aditya Upadrasta
Lisa O'Sullivan



salmonella pigs animal health microbiota control groups spent cider yeast 16s rrna compositional sequencing dietary supplements sp nov rna ribosomal 16s gastrointestinal tract live yeast genetics nutrient digestibility high throughput antibiotic resistance yeasts physiology swine bacteria probiotoc culture gut microbiota weanling pigs animals porcine gastrointestinal tract microbiology

The Effect of Dietary Supplementation with Spent Cider Yeast on the Swine Distal Gut Microbiome (2013)

Abstract Background: There is an increasing need for alternatives to antibiotics for promoting animal health, given the increasingproblems associated with antibiotic resistance. In this regard, we evaluated spent cider yeast as a potential probiotic formodifying the gut microbiota in weanling pigs using pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA gene libraries.Methodology and Principal Findings: Piglets aged 24–26 days were assigned to one of two study groups; control (n = 12)and treatment (n = 12). The control animals were fed with a basal diet and the treatment animals were fed with basal diet incombination with cider yeast supplement (500 ml cider yeast containing ,7.6 log CFU/ml) for 21 days. Faecal samples werecollected for 16s rRNA gene compositional analysis. 16S rRNA compositional sequencing analysis of the faecal samplescollected from day 0 and day 21 revealed marked differences in microbial diversity at both the phylum and genus levelsbetween the control and treatment groups. This analysis confirmed that levels of Salmonella and Escherichia weresignificantly decreased in the treatment group, compared with the control (P,0.001). This data suggest a positive influenceof dietary supplementation with live cider yeast on the microbial diversity of the pig distal gut.Conclusions/Significance: The effect of dietary cider yeast on porcine gut microbial communities was characterized for thefirst time using 16S rRNA gene compositional sequencing. Dietary cider yeast can potentially alter the gut microbiota,however such changes depend on their endogenous microbiota that causes a divergence in relative response to that givendiet.
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R Paul Ross, Catherine Stanton, Gerald F Fitzgerald, Colin Hill, Peadar G Lawlor, Noel Sexton, Orla O'Sullivan, Lisa O'Sulivan, Aditya Upadrasta, Lisa O'Sullivan

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