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C. Markham
B. Caulfield
T. Ward
D. Fitzgerald
D. Kumar
D. Kelly
J. Foody



inertial sensors real time magnetic relaxation motion sensors real time data electronic engineering motion capture magnetic field

A Real Time Motion Capture System, Using USB Based Tri-Axis Magnetic and Inertial Sensors for Movement Based Relaxation (2006)

Abstract scalable motion capture system based on multiple orientation sensors, each consisting of tri-axis magnetic and gravitational field transducers, for use in kinematic studies; is presented. Outlined is a novel system capable of accessing real time data from multiple sensors, via one universal serial bus host, using a dynamic link library. In addition, design considerations; implementation and performance of the system are analysed and discussed.
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C. Markham, B. Caulfield, T. Ward, D. Fitzgerald, D. Kumar, D. Kelly, J. Foody

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