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B. Caulfield
C. Markham
T. Ward
D. Kelly
D. Kumar
J. Foody
D. Fitzgerald


Physiotherapy & Sport

computer games childhood obesity physical activity 3 dimensional electronic engineering physical exercise kinematic analysis real time

Integration of kinematic Analysis into Computer Games for Exercise (2006)

Abstract This paper incorporates a review of current methods for integrating body movement or physical activity into computer games and a rationale for a new approach in this genre. Computer games are frequently implicated in the increasing sedentary nature of modern lifestyles and associated problems such as childhood obesity. Any measures that help to incorporate physical exercise into computer games will help to advance the notion that they can be used to promote rather than hinder health. Current approaches to integrating physical exercise into games can be divided into 2 categories: (1) camera based tracking of gross 2-D body movement and, (2) sensor based tracking of 2 or 3-D kinematics of regional body segments. These approaches are appropriate for their means yet they do not permit integration of whole body 3- dimensional kinematics into a computer game. Such a system should have the capability to monitor 3-D kinematics from all body segments and reconstruct the body's movement in real-time on screen. Integration of physiological sensors could augment the kinematic data to add features to the game. This approach to gaming could be used to guide and analyse a user while performing a series of exercises such as Yoga or Pilates and give feedback both during and after the exercise regime to help improve future performance
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B. Caulfield, C. Markham, T. Ward, D. Kelly, D. Kumar, J. Foody, D. Fitzgerald

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