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Mairead McQuaid
Helen Fallon
Claire McAvinia



teaching learning adult students adult community education information literacy skills virtual learning environment community studies information literacy library science

The Role of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in the Teaching of an Accredited Module in Information Literacy Skills (2008)

Abstract This chapter describes the design, delivery and evaluation of an accredited module in information literacy to parttime adult students on a BA degree in Local and Community Studies, offered by the Department of Adult and Community Education of the National University of Ireland at both its Maynooth and Kilkenny campuses. The chapter focuses on the role of a virtual learning environment (VLE) in the teaching of this module. Specifically, through evaluating the module according to recognised frameworks for evaluation in elearning, we provide recommendations for the use of VLEs in the context of teaching information literacy.
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Mairead McQuaid, Helen Fallon, Claire McAvinia

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